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ONYX Certified Operator

  • 2 Day Course
  • 12:00pm – 4:00pm CST
  • Registration and time included in the confirmation email

Designed for a broad range of ONYX users, this class provides in-depth, working knowledge of ONYX RIP software needed to optimize operator productivity.

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Course Info

Who Should Attend?

ONYX Users

Course Details

Learn the fundaments of ONYX from the ONYX experts and certify as an ONYX Operator. This session will give you the base knowledge needed to understand our core product.

Onyx Graphics, Inc. online virtual classroom

Benefits of Course
• Learn from an ONYX expert with years of industry and color management knowledge.
• ONYX certification on our latest version.

Course Requirements

Basic understanding of ONYX software.

To participate in the activities, bring access the class from a Windows PC or laptop with a minimum of Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit with the ONYX Thrive trial version installed.  You can get the trial software at http://onyxgfx.com/downloads/. Contact support@onyxgfx.com for assistance.


Contact sales@onyxgfx.com with any questions.

Course Topics

Day 1: 12:00pm-4:00pm CST

  • Identify the RIP QUEUE workspace
  • Methods of submitting files to the RIP
  • Quick sets and Hot Folders
  • Job Editor features
  • Placement and Nesting Strategy
  • Questions and Answers

Day 2: 12:00pm-4:00pm CST

  • Review, questions, and answers
  • Contour cutting workflow
  • Cut data setup in Illustrator
  • Configure Cut Server
  • Swatch books Print Mode Defined Colors – Color replace and color matching
  • Backing up data
  • Questions and Answers
  • Operator Certificate Test

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