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Dynamite Digital saves valuable time with ONYX Thrive

Thirteen years ago, we needed a RIP that could provide us with simple production and finishing tools, while still producing superior prints for our clients, which is why ONYX software has been our preferred solution.

We started with ONYX ProductionHouse but a few years ago, we outgrew it and upgraded to ONYX Thrive that had network licensing to give us greater control and have just one solution for our entire site.

We’ve been blown away at the RIP speeds and custom workflow automation as well as the best color management tools out there to drive our Vutek H2000 flatbed and HP latex printers.

Since upgrading the ONYX Thrive, our production time has decreased, making the time to get to finished prints so much quicker which makes for a very happy customer.


Today, our company has expanded into two different locations in the Bay area, and with it, our expertise in wide-format. We predominantly focus on corporate events, office spaces and retail stores but also offer posters, decals and even business cards.

ONYX has enabled our small printing company to grow and produce large quantities of Dynamite Digital products with confidence of always producing consistent, high-quality prints on tight deadlines. Our customers are happy, which makes us happy, and happy with our choice in ONYX software.

– Erik StenholmDirector of Marketing, Dynamite Digital 

About Dynamite Digital
Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Dynamite Digital prints, delivers, and installs high-quality materials and signage for local clients in the Bay Area. They specialize in custom fabrication and printing for corporate events, office spaces and retail stores. To learn more about Dynamite Digital and the work they offer, visit their website here

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