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KL Druck chooses ONYX Thrive for their site solution.

“Before purchasing ONYX, we carefully tested several other RIP-manufacturers but found the best solution in ONYX.”

“We’ve been in the printing industry for over 120 years, growing to a great team of 300 experts working across 3 printing plants in 1 location, with a 20,000 square meters printing environment, open 365 days a year. Over the years we moved to digital inkjet printing and have had our run with different RIP software.

We decided that as a business, we needed something to help us grow and scale our efforts to do more in less time which helped lead us to ONYX software. Before purchasing ONYX, we carefully tested several other RIP manufacturers but found the best solution in ONYX. Everyone said they had a solution just for us but after trying it, it was ONYX that really spoke to us. We moved from ONYX PosterShop to ONYX ProductionHouse and then to ONYX Thrive in 2013 because we needed one solution for our entire site.

ONYX Thrive really helped us because it brought with it a network capability nobody else had. We were able to move our production between machines based on the needs of the day and could upgrade to 14 digital LFP RIP stations in one go! We loved that ONYX had the fastest RIP times, the newest PDF engines and easy color profiling to get the highest color consistency across different devices or technologies. This is especially important when we need to hit corporate colors consistently.


Many of our jobs are large and complicated, needing tiling with special behavior and overlaps so QuickSets and more efficient automated workflows really helped us reduce the number of reworks and reduced our production time. The easier workflows and the network feature helped us eliminate bottlenecks and opened up our business to do over 1000 large image files in a single job in only one day which makes our customers very happy.

Thankfully ONYX also has media saving nesting options which helps us minimize media waste and costs. We are anxious to see how ONYX Hub can further help our business become more profitable.”

–        Gunther FellsHead of Digital Printing – KL Druck


About KL Druck: 

KL Druck is a large scale print business located in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. They offer full prepress-printing-finishing-installation services to customers worldwide and produce a variety of outdoor, transport, Point-of-Sale and event graphics on its extensive line up of UV, dye-sublimiation, latex, water-based and solvent digital printers to flexible and rigid materials including textile. To learn more about KL Druck please visit their website here

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