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MaxArt chooses ONYX Thrive for print shop flexibility and high quality prints

About 6 years ago we needed asolution that could run all our different machines. It’s hard to coordinate so many different versions and ways of producing a print across different RIPs and the cost of training and upkeep is unrealistic for any print shop. As our business grew, we acquired a Canon 1280 GTX to along with our EPSON, MutilCam and Trotec machines and converted our whole operation over to ONYX Thrive from other RIPs. A big part of the decision was the ability to run everything with ONYX on a network license that also allowed us to pull assets like RIP engines from machine to machine to meet our production needs and streamline our workflows. We also opted for the ONYX Advantage service agreement as it means we’re always on the newest version and when we buy a new printer, we get the drivers free. It doesn’t hurt to benefit from the support team too, to be able to call them whenever we have a question or want to work through something new and technical that helps our productivity.


As a business, we focus on fine art and photographic printing as well as laser cutting and etching so color output accuracy and vibrancy is extremely important to us. We struggled before with getting the color consistent across our devices and needed ICC profiling controls that really dialed in the accuracy of the output. ONYX Thrive was the only solution that could provide that for us. As we’ve ventured into new print applications, ONYX is the only solution that can help with our fine art multilayer effects products so it’s an easy decision for us to choose ONYX. Combine that with only needing to learn one solution for our entire print environment which keeps our training costs down we’ll continue to use ONYX Thrive for as long as we have customers who need a high quality print.

–  Nick Landis – Owner, Max Art Productions.

About Max Art Productions:
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Max Art Productions is a full service print service provider that has a specialization in wide-format fine art and photographic printing along with laser cutting and etching. Their business is founded on the concept of providing high quality prints at a price point that works for professional photographers, artists and everyday consumers alike and provide a 90 day guarantee on their workmanship.  To learn more about Max Art Productions, visit their website here:

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