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ONYX Hub increases profitability for Dr. Sticker

“We definitely feel the impact of ONYX Hub on our business…it’s already improving our bottom line!”

Dr Sticker with ONYX HubWe have always wanted to drill down into the specifics of our print jobs and orders to make sure we are providing the best product for our clients while keeping our costs in check and our waste down. We needed a better way but there wasn’t anything available to the print industry until now. We were ecstatic when we learned about ONYX hub and what it meant for our company in terms of production and profitability, giving us the data we needed to estimate jobs better, fix bottleneck and increase profitability. Immediately we can see if anything has gone wrong in a print, determine waste and know exactly how much we earn on each order. We had bought ONYX Thrive, part of the ONYX SiteSolutions family back in 2015 instead of Caldera because of the ease of use and set up between multiple printers and print stations using their network license. We loved their support line to keep our production running when we added printers and hot folders keeps us running fast, automated and without mistakes! Now we have ONYX Hub, giving us that added layer of visibility that wasn’t possible before. We have a complete view of our entire production environment, we see every print job, every order, every print station and we can access it anywhere to know what’s going on.

The biggest benefit to us has been what we can do for our customers now. ONYX Thrive gives us the speed and automation so we can run jobs faster with better quality than our competition; ONYX Hub gives us the tools to make business decisions on our workflows, job estimation and it’s already improving our bottom line. We definitely feel the impact of ONYX Hub on our business and we’re happy someone has brought this kind of intelligence to us.

  • Geert Peeters, Partner at Dr. Sticker NL 

About Dr. Sticker:

Dr. Sticker is a print shop provider that specializes in stickers, decals, labels, canvas, floor, banner and wrap printing. They are headquartered in the Nederland’s and have an online portal for customers to start designing directly into their systems. Dr. Sticker is committed to provide the best service, from design to print, with the highest quality and a speedy time-frame.

Design your stickers with Dr. Sticker and learn more about the company by visiting their website:

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