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ONYX SiteSolutions has had a large business impact

ONYX SiteSolutions has large business impact

ONYX, Particularly ONYX Thrive, has had a large impact on our business. With as much equipment as we have running at any one time, Thrive has been instrumental in keeping us fast, reliable and consistent.

We first bought ONYX PosterShop in 2005 and upgraded to ONYX Thrive once we grew and needed network licensing and connectivity between devices, which was especially helpful in keeping operational with any printer downtime. We had looked at Caldera before but they require a new operating system using Linux inside Mac and it’s a costly new hardware. ONYX runs on our systems and doesn’t require us to buy new hardware. I’m not sure people know just how much money that saves!

The two biggest things that helped us stay with ONYX are their device support and ability to drive complete solutions from one window. We’ve always had a strong relationship with OCE for printers, our first was a GT250 flatbed, so knowing Onyx Graphics is always going to support our printers was a winning combination for our business. As we have grown, the ability for ONYX Thrive to drive our multiple printers, cutters and making it all very easy to use has been a relief. We’ve been able to train our team easily without them needing a color graphics or IT background. That alone reduces the time taken out of production to influence our bottom line.

 – Todd Williams, PRI Graphics.

About PRI Graphics

PRI Graphics is a large family-owned print service provider utilizing 9 printers and 3 cutters across OCE, Canon, HP, Zund and Summa manufacturers. Located in both Phoenix and Mesa Arizona with a team of 50 at the helm, PRI specializes in professional advanced printing services for CAD, digital and large format, as well as presentation support and document distribution. To learn more about PRI Graphics, visit their website at:

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