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  • To find a key number, Go to your computer and find your ONYX installation location. You can do this from the Windows icon on the bottom left or Programs > ONYX. Locate the License Manager and open the program. If using a hardware key, this needs to be first plugged in. When the License Manager opens, the first and default window lists your key information.

    Check out this video that shows a quick walkthrough:

  • ICC profiles are integral to matching customer brand colors as part of the color management process as different printers are able to produce different color ranges based on the media and inks in the printer. In addition, using the latest standard as recommended by the International Color Consortium (ICC) helps produce accurate color output.

    ICC profiling in ONYX uses a three-step Print > Read > Next guide which walks users through the initial setup to the finished profile. To begin a new ICC profile, select “Media Manager” in the top navigation of the RIP-Queue and a dialog box will open. In the new dialog box, select “Create Profiles” to begin the Print > Read > Next Steps. With profiling using ICC Max, Onyx Graphics has provided a more detailed video that walks through the entire process.

    Watch the how-to video below:

  • Backing up printers and printer settings in ONYX is very simple. This is useful when you want to move settings from one workstation to another. With the RIP-Queue open:

    • Go to “File > Manage Printers” and click “Yes” when the dialog box opens.
    • Choose your printer then “Create PrnInst” in the bottom right of the dialog box.
    • Select the Media, Quick Sets, and Printers you want to back up and choose a file save location.

    Watch the how-to video below:

  • This tool helps you install printers and profiles to your ONYX software. By default, this program runs during installation but can be accessed via “Programs > ONYX > Printer & Profile DL Manager” on your computer. When open:

    • Click “Download Manager” then select your ONYX version, then “Manufacturer” then “Printer” and so on through the rest of the drop-down menus.
    • Select the configuration you want, and choose where you want to install the “.PrnInst” file.

    After the download is complete, Open the Printer & Profile DL Manager again and select “Browse” to choose your desired “>PrnInst” file and click install. Close the program when finished.

    Check out the walkthrough video here that covers installation and printers:

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