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  • ONYX Users now have the option to use a soft-license rather than a hardware key. Soft-liceses require verification and activation on the ONYX License Portal prior to installation and activation. The below steps outline what is required. For more information, please click on the link for a full how-to guide including how to obtain a trial and using the License Manager.

    1. Follow post-purchase email instructions:
    2. Verify and register license at
    3. Install ONYX
    4. Use your Acitvation License Key when prompted
    5. Finish install, open and begin using your ONYX product



  • On Friday, December 10th, 2021, the National Institute for Standards and
    Technologies (NIST) identified a vulnerability within the Apache Log4j
    library, potentially impacting systems running Apache Log4j.
    You may have read about this in the press: –


    ONYX users can use the below product patch if running 21.1.1 to prevent any
    impact due to the vulnerabilities with Apache Log4j. Versions before 21.1 are
    not affected.

    To install the Security patch, an upgrade from ONYX 21.1 to ONYX 21.1.1
    must be performed. The latest version of ONYX software can be found on
    the downloads page of our website. For ONYX Hub users specifically,
    this update will also need to be run from the update function in the
    ONYX Hub controller.

    It is important to note that there have been no reported issues
    concerning our software. Still, we take our customer’s security
    seriously, and with an abundance of caution, we provide this patch.

  • No, deactivating a license allows you to move the license from one computer to another. To cancel a subscription, you will need to log in to your account, select “Manage subscriptions,” and select cancel.

  • The support team can be contacted using the “contact” side button and form on our website for prompt service. In addition, customers can email or call 1 801.984.5353.

  • ONYX software can be downloaded from the Onyx Graphics website. Simply navigate to the downloads page at the top of the home page and select your product or trial download.

  • ONYX software is available as a month-to-month no-contract subscription which needs to be registered once purchased. To register a new license, go to and follow the steps or watch the how-to video below:

  • Onyx Graphics, Inc. offers product support at calls centers across the globe. Product support is also free to ONYX Advantage and ONYX Subscription customers. To contact support, simply email

  • ONYX Go Lite and ONYX Go Plus are fixed packages.  For information about configurable ONYX products, please contact an ONYX Sales Representative or email

  • ONYX software products support the largest library of devices available across printers, cutters and color devices. For information about configurable ONYX products, please navigate to the “Resources > Support Devices” section of the Onyx Graphics website, contact an ONYX Sales Representative or email

  • For license-related issues contact your ONYX Sales Representative or email

  • Yes. ONYX Go subscriptions require internet access to activate the license. Temporary internet loss will not affect ONYX Go use.

  • Managing your ONYX subscription account for changes to your profile, payment information or subscription status is easy under the ‘account’ icon located at the top of the Onyx Graphics’ website. Simply:

    • Sign in to your account
    • Click ‘Manage subscriptions’

    From there, you can update your profile information, payment options, and under ‘Orders’ can change or cancel your subscription. Cancelled subscriptions will run until the end of the billing cycle then not renew.


  • To convert your ONYX subscription from one product to another, simply sign in to your account, select “Orders” or “Manage Subscriptions” under the account user icon and then click the “Manage Subscriptions” button to show your ONYX subscription.

    From there, follow these steps:

    • Select the new product you want to switch to
    • Confirm the change

    That’s it!

    Upgraded subscriptions will start a new billing cycle with added product functionality while downgraded subscriptions will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle. For additional questions please contact your ONYX Sales Representative or email

  • Yes, the following models apply:

    • Upgrade from ONYX Go Lite to ONYX Go Plus: The remaining balance of the ONYX Go Lite subscription is pro-rated and applied to the first month of ONYX Go Plus. (The billing date is reset to the start of the ONYX Go Plus subscription).
    • Downgrade from ONYX Go Plus to ONYX Go Lite: Your license will remain an ONYX Go Plus license until the next month where it will be downgraded to an ONYX Go Lite license. Your billing amount will also be reduced to match the new ONYX Go Lite monthly price.
  • Yes. New versions of ONYX install into their own unique directory. An updated key or license will still be able to launch older versions of ONYX that are installed on the same computer. However, only one version of the software can be running at a time.

  • ONYX Thrive runs on flexible network licensing technology, which does require a different Hardware Key or Soft License. Please contact your local Authorized ONYX Reseller for more information on visit the ONYX Thrive product page, fill out the form, and request how to convert to your new product

  • ColorCheck and ONYX Hub are accessible for any ONYX Thrive user who also has an ONYX Advantage Gold maintenance agreement. These two products will be available for the duration of the ONYX Advantage term. If you currently have an ONYX Advantage Gold agreement and want to take advantage of these benefits, you can update your license key by contacting and requesting a license / key update

  • Upgrading to the latest version is easiest by purchasing an ONYX Advantage agreement. ONYX Advantage agreement holders get the latest version software as soon as it is released by requesting a license / key update.

    To purchase ONYX Advantage, customers should contact their authorized ONYX reseller or visit the ONYX Advantage product page and fill out the form for more information. Additionally, ONYX customers can contact their Authorized ONYX Reseller or email for new license purchases.

  • To find a key number, Go to your computer and find your ONYX installation location. You can do this from the Windows icon on the bottom left or Programs > ONYX. Locate the License Manager and open the program. If using a hardware key, this needs to be first plugged in. When the License Manager opens, the first and default window lists your key information.

    Check out this video that shows a quick walkthrough:

  • Upgrading existing ONYX software is a two-step process that takes just a few minutes. First, check that you have the most recent version of ONYX downloaded from the Onyx Graphics website and that your key or license has been updated.

    With your key plugged in (if a hardware key) and from your computer:

    • Navigate to “Programs > ONYX > License Manager” and open the program.
    • Select the “Key update” button and then “Apply Updates”. Wait for the updates to apply.
    • Next run the ONYX installation “.exe” file and click the “Update or Repair” button.

    Once the process is complete, select “Finish” and then relaunch the RIP-Queue with your newly upgraded software. Check out the walkthrough video here:

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